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Vendor Setup Essentials

How to Set Up a Craft Show Booth

  1. Choose your craft show booth layout.

  2. Choose a portable canopy.

  3. Get some canopy weights.

  4. Select the main furniture or racks you'll use.

  5. Choose smaller stands and visual merchandising props.

  6. Choose a backdrop for your display.

  7. Decide how you'll light your booth.

  8. Get signs for your display.

Vendor Setup

Most events will offer 10x10 spaces, make sure your tent is a true 10', not wider at the base of the legs. Most events premeasure their spaces so its important to know that your tent will fit.

Why white tents? Simple answer is it looks nice. When taking photography for marketing white is clean, easy to match for a higher end event feel. Most nicer locations only allow white. If you are in the market for a new tent buy white.

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