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Hey, Makers!

Interested in becoming
a vendor?

A few thing to know before you apply:

1. This is a juried event. What does that mean? 

Our application process will ask several questions to help us get to know you and your product. You must have a social media account that highlights your work. If you are new to events, congratulations on taking the first step and applying! We will review each application and maybe even follow up with a few additional questions. We will get multiple applications from shops selling the same items, like jewelry, we will select 1 or 2 vendors per category. We want our show to be unique and offer a variety of items to our shoppers. If you do not get selected you can still apply for another show or date.  

2. Pricing is as follows

10x10 space for an ez-up (must be white)  $80 to $140

We loved a dolled up space. We will ask for a photo of your booth setup at time of registration, so be prepared! We do not provide anything for your booth setup but possibly electricity (needs to be requested ahead of time).

3. Can i share a space?

Yes, you can. However, both vendors will need to be approved. There is a space on the application for you to but the 2nd vendors info.

4. Being selected

We do our best to try and email asap but sometimes we are at events or just taking a day off but our goal is to let you know within 48 hours. We offer paypal, zelle and credit cards as a form of payment for your booth space. If you do not pay the fee on time we will then offer the space to another vendor.

5. You were not selected, what now? 

There could be a few reasons you were not selected from too many registered for that item or we would like you to fix something about your booth display. You are absolutely welcome to register again or for another weekend.

6. Do we take food items? 

Some. We will be allowing cottage food items (jams, cookies, granola etc). You will need your cottage food license. 

7. There are no refunds on payments made towards booking a market space. No date changes. This is a rain or shine event.

8. What types of product do we accept? 

We are mostly interested in handmade but some vintage will be allowed. If your business is a boutique type setting (selling a few different items and some are resale) please send us an email to explain your idea. 

9. Vendor setup starts 2 hours before event open time. Break down starts immediately after the event ends. There are no late setups or early breakdowns.

Still have questions? send us an email -

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