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Modern Makers Mart - Dana Point

Dana Point Harbor

Event Hours

10am to 3pm


34571 Golden Lantern

Site Info:

This event takes place outside along the boardwalk at the Dana Point Harbor.  No Tents, this is a table only event. Umbrellas must be white or ivory.


No CBD, No Open food. No MLM.

Event dates 2023:
June 3rd 10am to 4pm


Dana Point

This event is a juried event, you will not be charged your application fee until you are accepted, you will have 48 hours to pay the application fee request. This event is table spaces only, you may use a table and setup something cute and inviting next to it. You will have approx 5x8 to use. The cuter the better! This location is set for 30 outside spaces. This location does not allow MLM, some cottage food items are prohibited due to prior lease agreements. No open food. We will have live music and a photo opt area. If you want/need an umbrella it must be white or ivory in color. If you have a service you would like to provide for the event, please email us at

Application Fee:

Table -5x8 $140

Trailer- $200

Your Application fee: Your application fee covers our time working with you on registration, advertising and location fees. There are NO REFUNDS, no trading event dates and no transfers of booth space. If you do not agree to this you can not do our events. There are NO COVID exceptions. There are no emergency exceptions. If we decide to cancel the event you will be given the option to be refunded or switch to a new date. This is a rain or shine event.

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